Fire in the bedroom training

Are you looking for the vital practices that will keep the fire burning in your bedroom and in the bedrooms of the women in your community? Valerie has trained hundreds of women in the practices that transform them into vibrant sexual beings that make great lovers and that foster great relationships. She does so with humour, fearless advice and empathy. She's passionate about educating women about how to have more enjoyable and wonderful sex and build more fulfilling relationships. 

At Valerie's training you will:

Learn the one vital practice that will grow your relationship. Relationships that don't practice it are doomed for failure. 

Learn about you own needs and how to communicate those needs to your partner. 

Explore the reasons why women aren't interested in sex and how to turn this around. 

Access the quality of your power as woman and start to exercise it with grace and dignity. 

Get familiar with the anatomical aspects of sex and how to enhance pleasure for yourself and your partner.


What can I say, some people are gifted, a natural. Thank you so much for your great teachings Mrs Muzelenga, we really thoroughly enjoyed your session when you came to Birmingham. You showed wisdom, passion and enthusiasm about the subject of marriage. Every woman who attended the session was hanging on every word you said. Your counsel definitely helped spice up marriages and build stronger marriage relationships. It was worth it. 
The men were so curious too and asked when you would be doing their session.
I would recommend anyone needing such a service. You are super duper! Absolutely amazing! God bless you woman of valour."  BEATRICE


  • Training can be provided as 1/2 day or full day block.

  • Maximum number of participants: Unlimited  

  • Venue: Training can be provided in the London and greater London area.