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The New Way For African Relationships

“I wrote this book to draw the best from both Africa and the west to educate those who have lost their way in the merging of cultures and to give them hope for themselves, their families, their children, and their community.” In many ways we facing a crisis in our African communities: our immersion in western traditions has resulted in skyrocketing divorce, struggling and disrespectful children, the loss of culture and identity, and men and women battling to love and be loved. Our great African heritage of teachings and traditions holds answers to many of these problems and can help to heal broken relationships. Order Here.

The Journey Of A Hero

The Journey of a Hero is a tale of humble beginnings to the glorified outcome of the protagonist. It shows God’s provision throughout the life of a young man who persists with his lifelong dream to become a pilot. The story takes us through his ups and downs, his experiences with family, and all his victories right up to the point of his premature death. A death wrapped in a life ambition and dream career, killed by the very thing he loved and aspired to become. He leaves behind a legacy of hard work and diligence and the bleeding hearts of families still struggling with intense grief left by his passing. Kawaza Tembo lived an extraordinary life that shows us, that life is too short and tomorrow is never promised, so we must live in the NOW! Don’t put off what you can do today to achieve your dreams tomorrow. Order Here.

The Journey To Purpose: Pain Lead To Purpose

The Journey to Purpose is an anthology of the devastating journeys of 18 individuals who’ve refused to wear cloaks of victimisation but have instead donned robes of victory. The book is a true testament to the innate human spirit of survival; essentially - stories of strength, courage, and heaps of resilience. Each co- author has been through their share of turmoil, tumult, struggles, and hardships, in the form of mental health, rape, incest, financial difficulties, destroyed relational currencies, fear, near death experiences, just to name a few. Despite the harshness of their realities, though, they are standing firmly and doing great things to be the change they want to see in the world. They have refused to stay down and are now travelling the world, sharing healing and shifting thousands. These victors are the definition of tenacity, hope, courage, stamina, and resilience. They have shared their raw stories so as to welcome you into their worlds and assure you that even though you face challenges, you are not alone and you too can be a victor, once you decide to. Order Here.

40 Pearls of Wisdom
Inspiring Stories as Told By 40 Beautiful Pearls

We have all seen women weak and vulnerable. We watch when they are giving birth to new ideas, new business, new goals, new homes, or new relationships. And those of us who feel empowered give our sisters the safe space so they can try, fail, create, let go, heal and recover... We close in tight and quite literally have each other's back. Like beautiful pearls, with new beginnings in the horizon, when the healing finally starts and she’s ready for MORE, we sound our trumpets, because we did it together. We let the world know she’s ready! In this collaborative project, visionary author Kemi Ajetunmobi in honor of her 40th Birthday - provides a platform in this book, for 39 other women to share intimate details of the WISDOM they have gained from experiencing tragedies, pitfalls, life challenges and self-imposed limits.40 Pearls of Wisdom is a book with inspiring stories as told by women who have been there, done that and got a CROWN to show for it - these stories highlight some of life's most poignant experiences, circumstances and topics that center around Hope, Perseverance, Honor, Death, Beauty, Support, Wisdom, Violence, Patience, Tenacity, Faith, Happiness, Love, Passion, Peace, Courage, Humility, Brilliance, Prayer, Fear, Marriage, Heartbreak, Strength, Anger, Pain, Fame, Friendship, Commitment and so much more. Order Here.