About Valerie

Valerie Muzelenga is a respected marriage and relationship counsellor, public speaker and author and is well known for her inspiring and insightful group training sessions. She's a wonderful and gifted coach who will transform your love life for the better.

Valerie has been giving back to her community since she started her adulthood journey in Zambia. There, she trained and worked as a registered nurse and midwife for fourteen years before moving to Botswana where she worked for  the Unified Local Government in a similar position.


In 2005, Valerie moved to England and started doing marriage talks and health promotion to small groups of women and men. Having spent most of her life watching her mother empower young women to speak up and voice their concerns, Valerie developed superior competence and passion for advocating for women and teaching them to tap into their God-given inner strength, beauty and purpose. This passion drove her to seek further certification. Now, she is a qualified counsellor of the prevention of transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to the unborn child. Recently, she successfully concluded an Advanced Diploma in Prevention of HIV/AIDS and STDs.


Valerie is chairperson of Amaka Ya Bwingi Networking Ltd, London Branch.  She specialises in teaching women the four pillars of Amaka Ya Bwingi networking and capacity building. These four pillars are promotion, education, linking and innovation and are also her guiding force as she embanks on her journey of innovation.

Valerie is an overcomer. She has earned this title after she conquered depression which tried to hold her hostage after she experienced three deaths in succession and a violent plane crash for which no body viewing was held. Valerie’s has co-authored in an anthology called Pain to Purpose and will soon be releasing her book Gone which captures  some of her journey and triumphs.

Valerie places great energy in supporting family and friends and living in harmony. She will continue to focus on supporting women to have enriched and blissful marriages that are grounded in love and are destruction-proof from the vile of this world.

Connect with Valerie. She’s waiting to have a talk with you and guide you through your marriage and relationship counselling.

I love Valerie because she is REAL, resilient, energetic, ambitious and loveable. She has an incredible sense of humour and knows how to put people at ease. She’s such a natural leader and great counselor. Today I appreciate and celebrate her achievements. Her amazing story is told in Pain to Purpose, which has just been published. May the good Lord continue directing your path Valerie. Love you to the moon and back." MARY