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Valerie Muzelenga is a respected marriage and relationship counselor and is well known for her inspiring and insightful group training sessions. She's a wonderful and gifted coach who will transform your love life for the better.

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My aim is to get the fire, harmony and love back into your relationships.”


Valerie Muzelenga

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Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Are you looking for expert guidance to help you to build a better marriage, inject fire and excitement into your love life and learn to love and honor yourself within a relationship? Valerie has been working with individuals and couples to prepare them for marriage, teach them practical and innovative ways to keep the bedroom fire burning and help them to build #harmony and #communication within relationships.  


Fire in the Bedroom

Are you looking for the vital practices that will keep the fire burning in your bedroom and in the bedrooms of the women in your community? Valerie has trained hundreds of women in the practices that transform them into vibrant sexual beings that make great lovers and that foster great relationships. She does so with humor, fearless advice, and empathy. She's passionate about educating women about how to have more enjoyable and wonderful sex and build more fulfilling relationships.